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River Jam and Fringe Fest is an annual community event that is put on by Heart of Biddeford every summer. When I started working with Heart of Biddeford on this project, we were talking about making River Jam have more of a consistant branding design year to year. They also needed posters, banners, t-shirts and stage graphics to match.

I ended up drawing a rendition of the Pepperell Mills which stand along the Saco River in downtown Biddeford, Maine. I took a very retro, almost 60's/ 70's gig poster approach to the graphics. I wanted to convey that this was an event that was fun for the whole family, using bold colors that would be eye catching in the hustle and bustle of downtown, and, of course, images that tie back to the city's history.

The poster design also needed to incorporate the words "Music Festival" translated in every language spoken in Biddeford, as well as a space for all of the community sponsors along the bottom. I was able to supply all printing, advertising, and merchandise design for both web and printing. My favorite was being able to see my posters displayed in every store window as I walked down the streets of the little city I love so much.

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