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Four A Cause Logo

Four A Cause is an annual charity event hosted by Benchmark Real Estate that takes place at the start of the holiday season every year with four local charities highlighted during the festivities. For this logo design, we wanted something that communicated the holiday aspect of the event without looking too Christmas-y. I took a snowflake design and put abstract shapes of "People" in the four corners, representing the four charities and using imagery often used for "Community" brands such as non-profits. Paired with the clean lines of a sans-serif typeface, we had an affective winter-themed logo that successfully communicated charitable giving in the holiday season while using the burgundy color of the former Benchmark brand to tie everything back to the hosts of this incredible event (The logo has since been changed to orange to match Benchmark's new branding). You can learn more about Four A Cause here.

Four A Cause Direct Mailer
Four A Cause Poster
Four A Cause Stage
Four A Cause Stage